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Green Initiatives
At Faros Properties, we implement a combination of no-cost operational changes at all locations, and install cost effective retrofits to help reduce energy usage.
We’re reducing our carbon footprint through the application of these practical solutions: Energy conservation, water savings technologies, using environmentally preferred materials, and by simply making our offices paperless through e-signing technologies allowing us to eliminate waste and inefficiency.
Energy Conservation

Energy conservation is a significant aspect of Faros’ business model. Because we have implemented both a no-cost operational change and cost-effective retrofits at all properties, energy usage has noticeably decreased. The results in energy reduction have been immediate, all while improving building operations.

Just this past year we’ve implemented these major changes to bring our properties to the highest energy efficiency available:

  • LED conversion of all exterior lighting at Park View Apartments, City View Apartments, Carson Street Commons, and Nova Place.
  • LED conversion of all Nova Place Garage lighting.
  • Our LED conversions lower our wattage from 175 and 100 watts for non-LED fixtures to 25 and 40 for watts for LED fixtures.
  • Conversion from incandescent bulbs to CFLs in the corridors of Park View Apartments, City View Apartments, and along the breeze-ways at Carson Street Commons. These conversions lower our wattage from 60 watts to 13 watts.
  • Water saving toilets, showerheads and aerators in all of the Park View Apartments, reducing our use by 50%.
  • Upgrades to Nova Place and Park View’s Building Management Systems have economizer modes that take advantage of favorable outside air temperatures to reduce the use of steam and chilled water. The system monitors demand and makes adjustments based on set points that help further reduce the use of steam, chilled water and reduces electric use.
  • Gen2 Otis Elevator equipment has been installed at Park View Apartments, in all 4 towers, which reduces energy use by as much as 50% and does not require any petroleum based products for lubricants. The ReGen drives used with the Gen2 equipment feeds energy lost during braking back into the building’s internal electrical grid. The Gen2s are produced in China at the world’s 1st green elevator manufacturing facility built in 2007.

Furthermore, when energy-intensive equipment reaches the end of its useful life, Faros installs new equipment with the highest energy efficiency available.

Taking a green initiative is incredibly important to us, which is why Faros has a company-wide waste recycling and management program. Because properties are compensated for their recyclable materials, this level of recycling has restructured waste disposal to produce revenue instead of remaining a cost item.
Green Cleaning
All Faros properties have active “green cleaning” programs designed to use eco-friendly cleaning products, equipment, and methods, with no increase in cost compared to previous cleaning practices. What’s more—we have received positive tenant feedback following our eco-friendly changes, proving that it is easy being green.